Friday, August 14, 2015


It is vital to our overall well being to learn how to control stress and tension, in order to restore balance and bring back joy in our life. 

Whenever you feel you're about to "lose it", remind yourself that thoughts and emotions come and go, and that you can CHOOSE what you want to think and feel at any given moment. 

Follow along the lines below: 

Take three breaths one after the other in synchronization, breathe from your nose and out of your mouth. 

Set the intention as you are breathing, that with each breath you become more and more relaxed and comfortable. 

Keep breathing until you feel more heart centered and more into the oneness of us all. 

Think good thoughts, think about all the great possibilities that are still awaiting for you in the future...

Know that you are good enough! Believe that you are worthy and deserving to live a happy and fulfilled life! 

You are blessed beyond measure, and you know it ...

Start acting and speaking with conviction and full intention to live a dreamy life, a life of your own creation! 

Believe that it's the absolute truth! Because it is! 

These words are meant for you to take to heart, to breathe in and to implement in your every day life.