Thursday, November 19, 2015


If you believe there is a Devine being, a Creator to the world we live in; a force running things behind the scenes, then you must also believe that things don't just happen for no reason.

Although we cannot see it or be completely aware of it, there is an everlasting flow going on around us which we often refer to as Life. 

At times we feel as if this force is pulling us in one direction, and other times towards the opposite route. It may seem as if we are puppets on wires, unable to control our destiny.

What if we wholeheartedly believed that the path which we travel on is subjected to the choices we make in life? 

Would we then have enough courage to once and for all, cut the strings and begin constructing the life we truly want to live? 

This force, God, only wants the highest and best good for us. How can we be sure of that? 

All we have to do is open our eyes widely and take in the magnificence existing all around us. 

There's an abundance of "raw materials" which is offered to us freely - information and tools we can use to our own advantage and progression in life. 

We did not arrive to this world to have things handed to us, we must earn our happiness and success, or else what's the purpose? How would we gain a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment?

Because we are part of this force, an energy which has breathed life into everything we're aware of, we too possess the ability to create.  

If you have faith in God, then you must also have faith in yourself. 

Let go of all your hardship and move on. 

Know that your fate is in your hands, God believes in you, and so should you! 

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Love & Blessing
Yours Estee ❤️