Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Does God need our prayers, does He need our worshiping?

What happens when we talk to God? (Universe, nature...)

Do you think God really cares if we pray or not?

Do you believe that by praying for your benefit or for others welfare, something can actually change?

Prayer is the language we use to communicate with our inner divinity - it is how we establish a better relationship with ourselves.

Once we connect within, then we find God/universe/love .. 

We gain clarity, and guidance on what we desire most.

Prayer is a ritual that enables us to focus in, discern, and ponder-what is it that we value most, what is important to us.

Prayer comforts and assures us - it gives strength to continue forward, feeling whole and at peace. 

Prayer connects us within - it gives us hope as well as the power to heal.

The real purpose of prayer is to help us change, in order to create more of what we desire ~