Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The Power of being

When we're calm and peaceful, we "see" ourselves, the content and nature in us - we derive most from the power of simply being.

Each of us is unique, a spirit acting according to its specific content therein, designed to bring forth a positive outcome. 

The world we live in, contains a gamut of experiences - lessons, which we are asked to learn from and transcend beyond.

There are those who rebel, they are not accepting, and forcefully  push away whatever is in their way.

They fail to realize that this is another chapter, that the universe has created for them. To teach them.

There are those who encounter difficult circumstances, yet despite the suffering soar to new heights.

They keep their sanity and move forward, on the way to the next lesson needed to be learned.

Everything around, all that surrounds us, bears value, and should be regarded as a milestone.

Once we gain the understanding and the willingness to learn, our journey becomes an adventure, encompassing a feed of messages ...

Sometimes they wound the soul, sometimes caressing - finally, they imbue the spirit of life to which we aspire to.