Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Lack of consciousness leads to an unknown outcome.

When consciousness is dormant, people "walk around" without distinction - they do not understand they are not aware of the silent world flowing within and around them. 

When senses are calm, we reach incomprehensible heights and depths.

All of us here on earth, are a part of something so immense and majestical ...

Like tiny particles, fireflies glowing in a magical Cave.

So many millions of people - a part of something so amazingly great.

The universe - this world is so wonderful and mighty.

Where did all this come from? Who enabled such a wondrous creation?

Once we understand that the mere acceptance of the world in its essence, with the good, bad and everything in between, in a balanced manner without prejudice or judgment that is invariably based on our own complexities, life would be experienced as a blissful journey ~