Sunday, December 14, 2014


I wrote this for my daughter at age 16 and now she is with her offspring ❤️

It's a timeless piece for our daughters and our daughters daughters, 
and so on ...

Hey girl, wipe your tears away ...

The world is not that as bad as it may seem at times. 

You are so sensitive, such a sweet soul - rare like a foreign bird.

Throughout life, you'll be encountered by a variety of events, emotions, and feelings.

You are yet to experience; many successes, and some failed attempts that may appear as mistakes. 

You will soon learn my dear child; what does not break you, will make you far stronger in the long run.

Learn from everything you come across; ask as many questions as you can.

Seek for the answer within - the more you ask, the more you will reveal. 

Become alert and at peace - learn to be patient - trust that things are working in your favor. 

Become curious, let your imagination fly free -expect nothing and welcome it all. 

Find the balance between the ground you walk on, and the sky you look upon. 

Take responsibility for what is yours, and let go of what isn't. 

Don't ever lose hope - smile - it will help you cope.

Most importantly; always count your blessings - focus on all the good and positive in your life ❤️