Monday, February 23, 2015


When we feel negativity, the first thing we need to realize, is that it is within us. 

we are the ones who attracted this energy.

There is a reason for it showing up on our "doorstep."

Most of us look for external reasons for why we are experiencing these feelings.

When we try to fix our physical symptom, based upon a rational approach, we are not looking at the right place.

We end up chasing our own tails, because the root cause is not being addressed. 

When a low energy experience shows up in our lives, we must firstly acknowledge it. 

Thank your inner guide for showing you what needs your attention most. 

Ask questions..."what is it trying to tell me". 

Ask yourself why did that experience make me feel this way? 

What does it teach me about myself?

The more you dare to ask, the more you'll uncover about yourself ~