Saturday, March 7, 2015


"I must say, It's really admirable that you left your family and came here from the United States, to take care of your Mom", my aunt said when she came to visit my mother in the hospital. 

I looked at her with wide eyes and whispered softly, why is it so "admirable" of me? It's the least I can do, it's my mother! I do not feel that I deserve a medal for being here, doing my part in taking care of her.

About a month ago, my 84 old mother, may God bless her, stumbled and fell in the middle of the night, on her way to the bathroom and broke her hip bone.

She underwent surgery and is now recovering in a rehabilitation hospital.

My sister informed me of the "not so good" news... When I recovered from the initial shock, I found myself thinking.. What am I to do?

I immediately decided that I must travel to Israel!

I must act immediately because her condition may change by the minute ...

And here I am, sitting by my mother, talking to her, nurturing her, whilst enjoying each and every passing minute. 

With all the pain and suffering my mom is going through,
I'm here with her, along with my siblings. We are supporting her in full cooperation and with all our love.

Relationships are a very complex thing .. not always do we feel we get all that we "deserve". 

I too felt like that during my childhood years ago; although I felt deprived and not always loved enough, I'm still finding myself loving my mother unconditionally.

I stroke her gently, I kiss her, I give her my all, by choice. I become filled up solely by being beside her and giving her all my love.

Why? Because she is my mother. 
She brought me to this world. She deserves my full attention, and for me to be beside her.

She gave me life, raised me and took care of me through sickness and health. 

I think that's enough for me ....