Monday, March 30, 2015


The easiest and most difficult way to improve your life is to make or break habits. 

You need not be enlightened - consistency and determination is the key for sustainable change. 

Don't Say I Can't, Say I Can and I Will!

Habits are certain things we all do that create safe paths in our lives. 

If you're tired of the same routine and want to create a change in your life, do something you would never do, do things differently - get out of yourself! 

Why? So you can receive more than you have in your life right now.  

Don't Allow Fear to Paralyze You - be more afraid of keeping your dreams locked up and hidden away than of what could happen if you dare to pursue them. 

Like A Fine Wine Waiting For the Right Time ...

When you feel you've exhausted all efforts, you've done all you can, just let go and let the universe do its thing... 

Don't concern yourself with the "how" - everything will fall in place in due time.