Saturday, March 28, 2015


How important is it for you to be liked by others?

No matter whether you're a mother raising a family, or the CEO of a multimillion dollar company, you would probably prefer to be a likable person, right?

The need to be accepted, cared-for, and liked by others, is one of our most basic and primary need as human beings. 

Naturally we all have the desire or need to be "liked" to some degree. 

Especially in these days, with the big part social media is playing in our lives, some of us are finding themselves fully engaged in the "liking game" ...

The problem is that often times, we care too much about what others think or say about us; so much that it shakes us to our core. 

No matter how we "slice it", there will always be those who don't like you, so it would be best if you just accepted it, and move on with your life.

Moreover, there's no need to take it personally - it may not even be about you at all.

As long as we can look at ourselves in the mirror with integrity, knowing the truth of who we are - someone who's kind to others and wouldn't cause harm to anybody intentionally, is surely without any doubt in a good place. 

When we come from a level of consciousness - understanding our basic need to be loved and cared for, we wouldn't consider it a "chore" to provide it lovingly to ourselves and others.