Monday, March 16, 2015


Hey body , it's me your soul that is speaking to you, your partner on this  journey ....

I am aware of your struggles, I see you in pain, whilst the Light of my being weakens and dulls. 

We go through multiple experiences along our journey together, you and me - body and soul.

Sometimes when you're stronger, we drift to making choices that are not true for who we were meant to be, and we end up in misery.

In order for us to live life fully, with the highest intention for our betterment, we must internalize that abundance and blessings will flow to us only when we begin to live life from a place of love, caring and sharing with our environment.

You know from your past experience, it's hard to live without love, and even though your needs are being met, the good feeling does not last for too long, is it not true? It's a "high", that soon goes bye bye ...

I entered into you, my body, so that we can work together in symbiosis. To live in balance and peace within you. 

I chose you because you are the ideal body for me.

I inhabited you in hopes of achieving transcendence - to go beyond where I had been ...

Combining the virtue of Light and love within me, together with you, we can create the energy we need in order to design the physical reality we are worthy of having. 

I want to show you how you can feel and hold the love in your heart, the love that is desperately trying to project itself to the world around you.

I accept you with love, you are the right body for me, the one that was created especially for me, so that I can fulfill my destiny and the very reason for my existence.

I was created from an energy that is all love. My job is to love myself and others. My mission is to take care of myself and the people around me.

And the rest will fall into place ...