Thursday, June 11, 2015


"Love thy neighbor as thy self, I am God "- a secret code that will connect you to Creation and to the Creator within you.

I am a messenger of goodness, I believe in the power of giving - I allow this energetic wave to be evoked within me. 

I know that the more I do good, so the more blessings will come to greet me.

I care and work toward  bringing permanent benefit to the environment, not because I'm afraid of God, not for the gift of thanks, nor for the hope of getting something in return, but, from the knowing that I am a miraculous being, with the uncanny ability to feel good at any given time I wish. 

I'm contributing to the world around me. This is my way to deepen my relationship with the light - with Creation itself, while feeling good inside.

I know that this is the way to become a better person, a little more each day.

A Creator is someone who takes responsibility and builds a life worth living: instances that bring flavor to life; moments of sharing and loving.