Friday, June 26, 2015

Ten Ways To Make The Most Of Everyday.

Ten Ways To Make The Most Of Everyday. 

It isn't always easy for us .. But, it's up to us to make it better.

Sometimes we think we're behind a difficulty, but as soon as we've taken that first sigh of relief, suddenly we're faced with yet another problem we did not expect.

Mistakes happen and ups and downs will always be a part of our journey - better we accept this truth. 

Here are a some suggestions:

1 - We can only be responsible for our actions, so that we can adapt ourselves to life's  circumstances, not vice versa.

2- We'll always have challenges, the question is how effective we become at dealing with them, with the least damage to ourselves and or to the environment.

3 - We shouldn't be too harsh with ourselves - a mistake remains as such only if we do nothing to fix it.

4 - It is important to release - to repent, to ask for forgiveness and to show willingness to fix the next time around.  

5 - The constant preoccupation with the past causes us damage.

6 - We need to learn to accept when a mistake has been made - we are all human - It is important to forgive ourselves and others. 

7 - Nothing is "the end of the world" - unless we've made it that way. 

8 - There's always the next day. There is always another chance to make amends. We must just allow it all.

9 - Do not underestimate the feelings of the someone who's been hurt - express remorse -Step into he's  shoes and feel what he's feeling. This is true forgiveness.

10 - And finally accept the fact that part of life's work, is that we must never stop striving to be the best that we can be.