Thursday, July 30, 2015


When you say a prayer to God, speak humbly and with reverence, in view of the hidden forces - the infinite power that is greater than you can possibly ever fathom.  

Things are created and become manifested in our reality, because they were meant to...Everything begins with a thought, just like Creation itself. 

In a life time, we build and destroy different aspects of our lives. We hold several jobs and careers, possibly get married once or 
twice ...

We go through all kinds of experiences and people continue to come  in and out of our lives, while we form and end relationships. 

There comes a time, when we "grow up" a little, and some of us may realize we can not be "a one man show." 

We can not do it all on our own, not without the Creator's healing energy and not without the love and support of our friends and family. 

When you talk to God, ask to be freed, to be released from the limitations of your mind. 

Seek to connect to the "upper worlds", to the unknown. To where it all had begun. 

The "key" that transcends beyond the barrier between the two worlds, lays in being grateful for all the goodness in your life. 

Before you begin to ask for what you desire, say a prayer for the health and well being of others. 

Prayer is a powerful manifestation tool that is always available to us and can create life changing results.