Monday, May 4, 2015


Keep Calm, Its Good for Your Health

Are you a mostly calm or nervous person? Are you one of those who say, "It's not that I'm irritated, it's just that people are annoying...” 

It's time to stop blaming others and instead take full responsibility for how you feel. 

You don't really believe that anyone can annoy you, do you? 

No one can make you feel anger, hurt, or nervousness unless you allow yourself to feel that feeling. 

The more humble you are, the less anger you feel – you’ll become aware that in the majority of times you have no real reason to be angry.

Concentrate on bringing out the best in others, it will keep you positive and bring out the best in you. 

Do what you really want to do - it is your soul urging you to take action, that for some reason you are stalling to do - that will surely bring peace and calmness to your heart.

After all, there is no greater agony than a dream that is within reach and has not yet been realized.