Saturday, May 9, 2015


The world was created for the betterment of its creatures. However we cannot experience goodness unless we create it ourselves.

Man was born in the image of God
referring to the spiritual part within him.
It separates humans from animals in the world, designating them to govern as God intended. 

Part of being in the image of God says that man has the ability to make choices and decisions independently. When a person chooses evil selection it is hurting the image of God within him.

Our whole lives revolve around goals and interests - we must be able to make decisions according to comparability between whether it promotes my interests or not, otherwise there is no free choice.

When do we make changes? When what we have done so far, has not provided what we desire. 

We need to ask ourselves, how is this related to my interests?

Once I know what benefits me I can more easily strive for that purpose, and live a fulfilled life as God intended. 

Further more, when I fully realize that the world was created solely for my benefit, I will always remind myself "This is also for the best ..." No matter what life brings to me. 

I won't blame anyone, I won't complain, and I won't stay angry for long. Why?
Because the world was created for me.