Friday, September 19, 2014


Keep chewing until the bitter becomes sweet. 

When things become difficult, we need to remind ourselves that there has to be a reason for that - something good must come out of it - that is where our faith is being tested.

Of course, it is much easier to give in to the moment and wallow in anger or bitterness.

However, dealing with the difficulties becomes easier,  when we recognize that out of every disturbance, from the very darkness of the unknown, the light will soon be breaking through. 

It empowers us and gives us the strength to not give up. 

We have an inner knowing that the road will be paved, in order for us to safely continue on our journey.

That is precisely where we can draw our strength from - each and every time, with the expectancy for the next moment to come.

When you're just about to give up, keep in mind that obstacles may be merely challenges in disguise, making sure that what you're after is truly what you want. 

So, ask yourself how badly you want it, and figure out how far away you're willing to go in order to get it.