Wednesday, September 24, 2014


To all my friends and family members wherever you may be,

May you have a year dipped in honey and smiles,

May we be healthy and happy, 

May we fulfill every wish and dream, and have a happy New Year with many  pleasures, 

May every day be a holiday full of happiness and celebration,

May we have a new year
filled with great excitement, hope and many successes. 

May we know to answer the questions:
"What should I do? What can I improve?"

May we have the courage to be who we are, may we concentrate in doing good, follow our heart and do what we love.

May we all have a special year of love and joy, a year of pleasure and success.

May we have a year full of surprises and exciting   experiences, 

May we begin each day  with smiles and joy

May we walk together hand in hand in friendship and love, 

May we have a wonderful year, may we keep smiling, and never stop loving !!

With all my love and very best wishes to you always ❤️