Thursday, September 4, 2014


Humor me if you will, just for a moment...

I believe, that there isn't "right" or "wrong". There's only perception. I don't believe that anything that we are aware of is random.

I do believe that there are certain things and ideas which are beyond our perception, outside our understanding, and what we may perceive as being logical.

Often times we'll be experiencing some"technical difficulties" in conceptualizing certain beliefs, or judgments that are not founded on proof, or certainty...

But, if you give it a try, with an open mind, a mind that isn't searching for ways to rebuttal, but rather consider a different point of view, an alternative approach, you will see "things" a bit differently... 

Please don't allow the title to scare you away;


We are compelled to believe that there's more to us than merely the images we see reflecting back at us from the mirror. There has to be "something" greater dwelling within. The energy, the diverse emotions we feel, our racing thoughts - they're all a part of what we commonly refer to as our soul.
It is our ever expanding and eternal higher self. 

We are not composed of just our bodies. 
There's a specific purpose for each of us being here on earth. It doesn't seem logical that we only came here for the reason of simply existing. Waking up day after day, going to work, raising our children and doing countless mindless tasks.

It's really all about our souls.

Each soul chose to come forth and experience circumstances throughout its life time span, which would provide it (our soul) with the opportunities to be connected to the light as opposed to the darkness, with each choice that we make. These manifestations of circumstance didn't just happen to "show up", but rather so we can take advantage of the position we're in and make as many positive, well intentioned choices.
These choices would potentially turn each "darkened corner" appearing in our lives into a lighted one. Simply meaning, with the correct mindset, we'll feel obliged to always come from a place of love and compassion: to love the other as we do ourselves. This of course, takes maturity, awareness and a deeper understanding of how things work. 

Once we will fully comprehend that is our purpose; to constantly grow, evolve, and upgrade ourselves to better human beings, we'll allow the modification to come about more smoothly. And than, we will become different in some way. 

By modifying ourselves, we'll be able to bring about a better version of ourselves and a tremendous benefit, not only in our own lives, but also to the lives of those around us.

We need not lose our identity or essence in order to become more refined. Ultimately, we'll become just like a polished diamond, shining brightly from within, with each act of love that we'll be participating in. 

Because we are all ONE. 

Each of us represents a Godly sparkle, a tiny piece of the whole. A part of the wonderful, and wondrous world we're all sharing together as ONE.. —