Wednesday, September 3, 2014



If you find yourself immersed in negativity, know that you have the power to change it - pull out the "sting" and stop the burn! 

You may think you are an innocent bystander, allowing yourself to sink deeper into desperation, but you are not!

You don't have to think those thoughts, as we said before, they are just thoughts - these thoughts hold a low vibrational frequency which causes us nothing but harm.

We don't function well when we don't feel well.

Therefore, it is our responsibility for own good, as well as for those around us, to change how we feel.

Here is a three step process you can do as soon as you catch yourself feeling any kind of negativity:

1 - change your body positioning - if you are lying down, get up and walk, jump, sit, do whatever is necessary to change your current physical state.

2 - change your internal dialogue - what are you saying to yourself?
If you are beating yourself up for failing or feeling like a victim because someone had a bad day and poured their negativity on you, change the words - "my husband had a bad day .. His words are not directed at me... It is just his way of blowing off steam..."

3 - change your focus - what are you concentrating on? Are you feeling badly about yourself? Are you focused on your problem?
What will happen if instead, you begin searching for a solution to your problem?

Use this tool to change your state of mind. After all, your number one job is to feel good, isn't that so?