Monday, September 8, 2014


In each one of us lays the complainer, the one that always looks for, and therefore finds what's wrong with everything ...

Inveriably, we tend to blame others instead of taking responsibility. 

Look what he did to me .. Why do I deserve this?

But between you and I, how does it help us if we sit all day and complain; they did it to us, they took from us, they're cruel to us .....?

Does it change the situation for the better, in any way?

Not really ..

On the contrary, the more we complain, the worse we feel! 

Well, so what to do with all this free time, we now have on our hands?

What do we do when the urge to feel sorry for ourselves shows up again? 
We all know there is no shortage of opportunities for complaints and grievances of various kinds, right?

So what to do instead?

It is a matter of philosophy of life ...

If I believe that the Creator of the world, this Divine energy, created the world for the benefit of the creatures (us among others), then it is not possible that what happens to me is against me!

Maybe that was designed for me, to help me ...

Through what color lenses would I then see my world?

What will happen if I say to myself, well, this is what's happening in my life right now, and now I have the opportunity to make a part of me a little better? 

Complaints will not help me in any way - it just weakens the power of God in me.

When we adapt to the belief that everything that happens, happens for our highest and best good, we empower ourselves to act, change and make ourselves a little better at a time.

That is how the power of the Creator awakens within us  - enabling us to create something new, something that had not been there before.

That's magic!