Saturday, July 19, 2014


Want to learn how to add more love to your life? Let's talk about addition and subtraction. No, not the kind you were taught in mathematics as a child. I am talking about the choices YOU make in life. Our contribution to ourselves and everyone around us is reflected upon the way we show up in the world - our words and actions. Think about it ... When you deliberately ADD more love and care to everything you say and do, what else would be possible for you? 1 - Who would you be if before you said or took any action, you'd ask yourself, "am I adding or subtracting to the world, to others or to myself? 2 - Do you think you'd be a happier person? 3 - Would you become more aware of yourself and others? 4 - Would you have more loving relationships? Bottom line, it's all about adding or subtracting your LOVE! So why not add more love to the world? Please Like, Comment, Share THANK YOU!