Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Part - 2 - of a guide, that will help you become more authentic, achieve inner balance, and be free to live your truth. 

12) When I work on a project or goal, even if it does not go the first time, I don't give up until I'm connected to what my soul knows and recognizes as good.

13) I come from a place of certainty, that my "partner" - the Light goes with me everywhere - from there, I begin to take action, from the purest place. 

14) I am not "at the mercy" of those around me, because I know what's best for me.

15) I understand that everyone has their own journey, each one with their "baggage", so I do not take anything personally.

16) I try my best not to judge and criticize myself or my environment - it is much easier for me to forgive myself and others.

17) I'm not wasting my time on anger, and I do not allow myself to wallow in negativity. 

18) I do my best to understand and accept every person who crosses my path. 

19) I choose to transcend beyond what doesn't come from the Light: anxiety, pain, frustration and anger, I recognize it all but I do not identify with it - my anger is not really who I am.

20) I choose to identify with love, giving, hope and inspiration - that is how I actively create my own reality.

21) I create positive thoughts and emotions that will add value to my life, I am sowing seeds that will contribute to my future.

22) I know that when I have good intentions, the Light is on my side - God, will endow me with abundance of blessing and success - everything I do will be blessed ~