Friday, July 25, 2014

How to let go and heal

Why should you let go of your pain and resentment?  Wouldn't it be better to replace your hurt with unconditional love and support?  

Sometimes it can sound farfetched. But think about it..   When you hold on to your pain, who suffers?   Mainly, you do! 

And of course you end up tagging along everyone else with you.  And I'm not talking about tagging on Facebook!!  

So, why not resolve whatever it is that is holding you back?   Why not free yourself to be the loving and giving person you truly are?  You know that that's all you really want to do..  

You can never be really happy if you hold on to any negative energy. You cannot be whole. You cannot be truly balanced.  

Why not take this incredible amount of energy and put to work for you instead of against you?  

For example, maybe you could invest sometime in finding what is your true purpose.   

A good place to start, would be to do something that you love to do, and create a way for it to be lucrative for you.   

You see, you always have a choice: you can drown deeper in your misery or you can use your creative innate abilities to work on your behalf.  

Your choice!