Friday, July 25, 2014


How to create a lasting change in your life? If you believe that change is necessary for your growth and expansion as an individual, you are probably always seeking ways to advance yourself. Conversely, If you come to a point that you had decided to settle, because "anyway things are never going to get any better", it is safe to assume that you have no desire for changing anything, let alone growing. What matters most is how you end up feeling. What would you rather feel; excitement, enthusiasm and happiness as you progressively achieve your goals, or would rather let life pass you by? Would you rather lead a robotic life, become one of the "walking dead" - go through the motions: work, come home, eat dinner, watch t.v., go to sleep, only to repeat the same thing over again? Or, would you rather plan, set goals and actively do everything you can to fill your life with love and happiness? Change may not be easy, but it is what keeps us "on our toes". It keeps us curious and engaged in this beautiful journey of life. Do not lose your zest for life. Look around you... There is so much beauty and magic everywhere. All you need to do is just free your mind, open your eyes and relish on the magnificence of creation, as you take in a breath of fresh air ... Please Like, Comment, Share THANK YOU!