Sunday, July 27, 2014

How much appreciation and gratitude do you have for your life?

Today is my fourth day of the 5-day "gratitude experience".

I would like to invite you all to participate in this project of gratitude, it will make you appreciate all the good that is already in your life🌟and improve the way you view yourself and your life 😃

I am grateful for:

1) Our puppy family - no matter what, they are always happy and ready to give love - wagging their tails happily. They never judge me - they do not care what mood I am in and always greet me with enthusiasm, welcoming me back each time I come home. 

They have added so much to our lives, and we are all grateful for having them as part of our family. Dogs are  surely man's 
best friend ❤️

2) Improving my ability to communicate and express myself more clearly, thereby minimizing "mistakes"- many times I stop my self from instant reactions... 

3) My unquestionable faith in a Higher Power, connecting to It, and receiving the energy to heal myself and others.  (many times to my own wonder... )