Tuesday, July 29, 2014


How to find balance and inner peace?

A twenty-two part guide, that will help you become more authentic and true to who you really are.

"Achieve inner balance, and be free to live your truth".

Part -1-

1) As I become more aware of myself, I realize that I have much more  control over my life than I thought I had, or been able to admit to myself.

2) I have been given the freedom to choose. 

3) Therefore, instead of beating myself up or blaming myself, I choose to reinvent myself, time and time again. 

4) I do not identify with my thoughts, they are just thoughts. Instead, I observe my thoughts.

5) I have the ability to discern what is good for me, what serves me best and what doesn't.  

6) I notice things that inspire me, things that keep me open to new ideas. 

7) I now know more of what blocks me and leaves me stuck in place.

8) I know I must not to wait for anything external to give me what I want.

9) I give myself love and reassurance because I know that it is the only way I can feel happy and satisfied. 

10) I hold my nature to respond to external factors, and instead, I choose to consciously connect to the Light, to the Divine that exists within me. 

11) I choose to do what is right, what serves the greater good of myself and others. 

Stay tuned for part two.