Saturday, July 26, 2014


How do you define leadership? 

When you think of the word leader what images come to your mind?

Are you thinking of the president, a king of some distant country, or the CEO of a major company?

Who is a leader?

A leader is someone who is inspiring empowering. It is a person who gives a sense of security and instills trust in others. 

Can a mother be considered a leader of her children and family? Of course she can, and she most definitely is! 

Anyone who is in a position of authority, whether it is a group or a conglomerate, holds a responsibility for others.

Responsibility, respond - ability ...

Someone who has the ability to respond. 

So what is so special about that?

Our brain is wired partly animal - in our most basic nature - we all possess the ability to respond when we feel threatened, ready to attack.

We can also respond favorably to positive  stimulation.

The question is how do we CHOOSE to respond, when we say or act in a specific way. 

Do you tend to be happy and loving or fear stricken? 

A true leader is not only responsible for others, but he is also responsible for himself - held accountable for his words and actions. 

The true image of a leader is someone who knows others are "watching him" , learning from his behavior and actions.

What kind of examples are you setting for others? 

Are you saying one thing and acting out another?

I suggest a rule of thumb: treat others as YOU would like and expect to be treated!

After all love thy neighbor is not only when everything is "peachy", but rather when things are not ....