Wednesday, August 13, 2014



Today we are celebrating your birthday, another year has gone by beside you, and in just a couple of days we will be also celebrating our 32 years of marriage - unbelievable??!!

When I look back on our journey together, I cannot help but smile 😍

You are the living proof that dreams can be manifested into life!

I followed the steps of the "Secret", without even realizing it was a 
secret :-)

You are my American dream come true!

We both know it hasn't always been a "smooth ride", but it had all been a part of OUR journey together. 

Thank you for not giving up on us, by keeping this 32 year-old relationship exciting and full of variety!

Thank you for gifting our children Ryan and Tal, our amazing grandchild, Liel, and little old me - your wifey :-) a life with minimal worry, many times at your own expanse.

Thank you for all the beautiful moments, and yes, thank you for the less desirable ones.

They were all lessons, all experiences and opportunities from which I have grown and evolved; from a teenage girl into the woman I am today.

May you always stay healthy and happy, may your stress go away, and never return back again and may we keep enjoying life to the fullest together side by side, for many more years to come, Amen! 

If we've come this far, I think I'll keep ya ;-)

I love you my husband, my partner, happy birthday to you, all the very best, now and forever ❤️