Saturday, August 2, 2014


Our existence depends on the quality of the story we tell ourselves - what meaning we give to what happens in our lives, and our ability to meet our needs; to love, to be loved and appreciated.

The responsibility for our lives is in how we create it - good or bad - based on our the perception.

How you see the reality so is your life - you are the meaning maker.

Our world is created the way we choose to define it.

We have the power to change our focus, despite our current reality by giving up on the things we can not control, by accepting what is existing, and by creating experiences that we want to have in life.

We have the ability to tip the balance - what we experience every moment - through our thoughts and choices we make.

It all depends upon how we live day to day, and how we choose to relate to what happens to us.

The essence of man is his ability to transcend beyond the difficulties and still succeed in telling a good story.

So how do you do it? What is the secret?

The secret is having the awareness that there is always a choice.

There are many versions and many aspects of your reality - you choose the one that serves your best.

So which story do you choose to tell yourself today?