Saturday, August 9, 2014


For all you powerful and wonderful women out there: you have finally found your inner strength. 

You are now stepping confidently toward self actualization. 

It is a great feeling knowing that you are alive, doing what you love, with passion and purpose. 

If you have a loving and supportive intimate relationship, you are nothing short but lucky.

I digress, luck has nothing to do with it! It is more than likely that you and your partner made sure to invest time and energy in "keeping the fire going" between you. 

It is by all means, not an easy task: it takes work, good will, and intention, as well as a tremendous amount of love, for yourself and your partner, in order to maintain a healthy relationship. 

The problem is that all too often we seem to forget that we have a lot more control than we think - instead of waiting for "something to happen", maybe it is time you took the initiative ...

If you feel you have lost the "spark" in your intimate relationship, it is probably due to a loss of connection ..

But there is a lot you can do as the powerful woman you are!

Would you like to know what YOU CAN DO?

Here are 5 tips to help you reconnect and enjoy a loving union.

1) Give your man some reassurance. Tell him how important he is to you and how much value he has added to your life.

It will make him feel valued and appreciated by you.

2) Involve him more with what you are doing, and ask for his advice and help.

By doing this frequently, he will feel important and that what he says matter to you. It will also keep the line of communication open between you.

3) Give your partner a healthy daily dose of compliments - tell him how good he looks or that you just love the way he smells. 

It will make your man attracted to you beyond your looks ...

4) Avoid being too serious and worrisome - use your powerful feminine energy to insert some humor and playfulness into the relationship. 

It will bring back your youthfulness and make you both feel so much more at ease.

5) And lastly, bring out your inner beauty by demonstrating patience and self control.

You can use these tips or create your own to captivate your man into submission - do not be surprised if suddenly he will find you irresistibly delicious :-)

Message me today if you would like to learn more about how to create the loving relationship you crave and desire.