Thursday, August 21, 2014


How to make conscious choices ~

When life throws you a curveball, do you also curl up into a ball? Do you feel like an injustice has been made to effect you? Do you say to yourself "I don't deserve this", or ....

Sometimes we get sidetracked by life circumstances, but if we keep in mind that everything that happens to us, is for our own benefit, we can draw strength from that. 

So, instead of asking "why me", we can ask "that's interesting, what can I learn from that ..." 

Doesn't it make you feel much better inside? 

It feels good because this kind of approach, holds a completely different energy - making a conscious choice empowers you!

This is a perfect example of how we can strengthen ourselves, instead of ending up self destructing. 

By not reacting and being influenced by anything external to us, (which takes training) and taking the time to look within, we can learn a lot about who we are - it is life presenting us with an opportunity to step up, make the necessary "tweaking" to improve.  

Other people are merely a reflection, what we see in them, in a certain aspect, is also who we are.   

Learning about ourselves through the eyes of others is when we truly get to know who we are. 

Consider this: think about someone you keep "bumping heads" with, and instead of seeing everything that is different between you, look for similarities.

You may be surprised by what you find ...

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