Friday, August 15, 2014


What can I do as an individual to change the world?

Do you contribute more positively or negatively to the world? Are you more connected to your soul or your body's own selfish desires?

We see the violence and negativity around us, because we live in a world that gives emphasis on physical pleasures - we sanctify the body and the material world.

We are exposed to a media that is effectively  urging us to achieve more, to compete with each other, and to buy things we do not really need. 

We do not give enough consideration to our spirituality - the real part of us. As a result, we move away from our true essence ...

If we give our soul the proper place in our lives, our inner strength will grow as individuals, which will equally enhance spirituality and the positive force in the entire world.

As we cultivate our soul, the outside world will become more positive and supportive.

The problem is that we do not fully understand that we as individuals can make a difference.

Destruction begins with us, and not with the world around us, as it is commonly thought.

For example, if each of us would wait for someone else to clear waste, or pick up a plastic bottle casually thrown on the sidewalk, what would our world look like? a big mountain of garbage?

When we as individuals behave as if only we exist - first me and then you - we do not contribute positivity  and wholeness, not for ourselves, and certainly not for the environment.

Firstly, we must come to realize that you can not eliminate darkness with darkness - you must turn on the light!

That is, to wake up to the deep understanding of the importance of nurturing the soul within us - it will add value to our lives as well as increase and empower goodness in the  world. 

You can not be on hold until others wake up. You can not teach them or tell them what to do.You can not force them - no one likes being told how their lives should be conducted.

The only way to make a difference in the lives of others is by giving a personal example.

So instead of saying, well what can I do, that's life ... 

Take the initiative to contribute positively to the world as much as you can - every bit helps, every drop creates similar drops: love, positivity and giving.