Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Focusing on the Light, empowers your spirit. 

Why is it difficult for us to be compassionate with someone who hurts us?

We usually do not pay much attention to the "perpetrator's" feelings or why he chose to treat us unkindly - we are totally focused on ourselves, our own hurt feelings.

When someone insults me I immediately search for ways to protect myself - our natural response.

Do I have to be offended by anyone's words to me? 

Wouldn't it be preferable for all concerned if I'd move into a place of curiosity and try to find out why I was hurt in the first place?

What does it say about me, if someone insults me and I get "bruised"? 

What if I misunderstood? What if I only heard part of the sentence and was too quick to judge? 

Maybe he did not mean it? Or maybe he intended to be malicious and hurtful.         

Perhaps his words reflect his inner pain, and nothing but "poison" can come out of his mouth. 
Maybe it's not about me .... 

When a person is filled with happiness, he does not go around hurting others.

Instead of giving in to my lower nature to hurry and judge, I look for a different way that may even help him.

Instead of being angry and hurt, rather than reacting to was said, I awaken the love within me, because that person is just like me - he was created in the image of God.

It's okay if he made a mistake - we all do.

My job is to heal; to find the remedy for his soul, not to criticize him.

Each of us has something that someone else is in need of. There is a reason to why we cross each other's path.

We're here to help each other, to overcome, to strengthen and heal from what weakens us and makes us ultimately go against ourselves and others.

How to do it?

Love your neighbor as yourself!

You must be outraged now and you're probably saying to yourself, how can I love or help someone who has hurt me?

You can if you remember the simple fact that we are all capable of wrongdoing. We all do things we're not proud of after the fact.

We do not have to love all the parts that make up the essence of each person.

But once we connect to the goodness that exists in every person, it is much easier for us to forgive and love them.