Tuesday, August 5, 2014


To achieve a quiet mind, and put a stop to your inner chatter, you must surrender and become faithful.

We are all made of the same materials - our awareness level, is what distinguishes us.

It is not that some people are naturally more trustful than others, it is merely all about awareness.

Some people are more consciously aware than others, but the essence of  us all is exactly the same.

You must activate your "trust muscles",  so that you can be in that space where there is nothing untrustworthy!

When there is nothing that you cannot trust, we learn that there is nothing really stopping us, apart from our own minds.

Confidence and faith are a way of life - it does not mean you will never experience discomfort, but it gives you the right tools to better combat fear and discomfort. 

Unpleasant and uncomfortable feelings that cause us to feel fear, do not exist unless we allow them first.

Once you gain knowledge about thought and form - that you actually create your perceived reality by using your mind - there is no reason to be afraid of your creation.

Believe you are exactly where you should be.

Now you can say goodbye to fear, and invite trust and faith to be permanent residents in your life ~