Friday, August 8, 2014


How to deal with change effectively.

We have all dealt with procrastination when walking towards the unknown.

It is a natural thing to become hesitant or even fearful when approaching something we don't know; simply because we have no way of knowing what will happen next, we have no certainty.

What if we started with imagining the outcome? 

Would we gain more clarity and confidence in what we are hoping to achieve?

Invariably, the answer would be YES. 

You can envision your goal as if you have already achieved it. 

Everything begins with our imagination - it is a powerful tool that can reduce or even eliminate our fear and anxiety. 

Once you know your target, it becomes much easier to begin back tracking and working out what you should be doing next.

You begin with the required steps and figure out the resources available to you: your time, money etc.

The benefit is that you can slowly form a picture in your mind - you see all the pieces that will complete the puzzle you are working on. 

Having clarity on what it is that you need to do, empowers you to take the first step NOW - it propels you to form a well thought out map with specific steps. 

So instead of feeling overwhelmed or even handicapped by the task at hand, prepare yourself using your imagination and get ready to put it into actuality. 

NOW all you need to do is take ACTION.