Sunday, August 17, 2014


The world exists on the screen of your consciousness.

There is no objective reality - you determine your reality; You give shape and form to what you see. 

When you observe, you become more aware, able to shift your predictable outcome with the use of your thoughts and feelings. 

If you happen to have a thought that doesn't serve your best interest, recognize it for what it is: it is just a thought!

You must come to the realization that you DO NOT need to IDENTIFY with it, ACCEPT it as truth or OWN it as if it was yours to keep. 

You have the power to interrupt your thought pattern - watch yourself having a thought - create an intent that is best for you. 

Focus not only on your desired thoughts but also the experiences you would prefer to become your new reality.

In essence, you are enabling yourself to create a better relationship with your thoughts - your inner world. 

We must make the distinction between what is good for us, and what is not.

Once you identify what is best for you to think and feel, you keep searching for ways to replicate the good feeling. 

Being an observer doesn't mean you only have to have happy thoughts, but rather be aware that you can CHOOSE your thoughts.

Exercise your ability to observe - choose how you want to respond rather than react.