Monday, August 18, 2014


People operate from fear of rejection, and fear of being hurt. 

If you think back, surly enough you can remember a time when you may have felt like you were being attacked or mistreated in someway. 

If there is a little voice inside your head telling you, that somehow you deserved it, STOP IT! 

It's never about you!

Oddly as it may sound, when we attack, all we're trying to do is avoid pain and feel good about ourselves.  

We do not realize the sad irony  - we end up doing most of the damage to ourselves. 

Next time someone hurts your feeling ,wouldn't you rather have the ability to detach yourself from that hurt, and allow yourself to forgive?


By realizing that what other people say about you, has nothing to do with who you are. 

We each make our own choices. 

You cannot be held responsible for other people's words or actions. 

You are only responsible for yourself. 

Others may disrespect you or treat you badly, but that doesn't say anything about you - it only demonstrates who they are.

As long as you are authentic and are living peacefully in your own body, knowing that you are doing your best effort to be kind and loving to yourself and others, you are FREE. 

We give power to other people's statements only when we are in agreement with them.