Thursday, August 14, 2014


There comes a moment in life, where you realize that you have no external battles.

You understand that the "war" is not against anyone, or anything, but rather the only struggle is none other than between you and yourself.

There is no war with your parents or teachers, your life partner or your boss at work. The only war that takes place is within you.

Suddenly you wake up and realize this ...

This daily war, is actually your inner prison - you are the prisoner as well as the warden. 

And the key is in your hands.

You begin a thought process, in which you begin to assess your status as a person, as a part of the community, society, and in general.

You start thinking whether you are loved by others, if you love yourself and so on.

You understand that if you are constantly looking for external reinforcement in the form of love, sympathy and acceptance, you will always remain unhappy.

You understand that what really matters is finding the common ground between you and others instead of looking for what is different and condemn them for it.

You understand that in order to live a life of fulfillment, there must be a balance between giving and receiving - that is the nature of life - filling and emptying.

You learn to reduce your ego nature, which its main concern is your personal well fair. Instead, you increase altruism and concern for the common good.

You realize that the whole point of living is giving - when you give, then a space for creating something new becomes immediately available. 

Life is nothing but experiences of giving and receiving LOVE - allow it to take form within you, let it encompass every fiber of your being.