Friday, August 1, 2014


Ask god to help you with the ability to forgive yourself - it will deepen and amplify your love for others ❤️

Why learning to forgive is so important?

You may hold a belief that forgiveness is about allowing someone to hurt you... again.

Or you may believe that forgiving yourself, means exempting yourself for any wrong doing. 

So what is forgiveness about?
The truth is that forgiveness is all about YOU. 

1) It's about realizing you are a human being and it is perfectly OK to make mistakes.

2) It's about giving yourself and others, an opportunity to make things right.

3) It's about letting go of the negative energy you've stored deep within - all the hurt, pain, resentment and anger that often times you may have not been completely aware of ... Why hold on to this energy? 

4) It's allowing you to let go of the issue and move on to bigger and greater things - life is too short and they're so much to do and accomplish. 

Why waste your precious energy on feelings that leave you stuck or make you feel down?

And lastly, you should be thankful for all the mistakes that you and others have done. If only for casting light on what is bothering you, and giving you the opportunity to make amends.  

It helps to remember, if God can be merciful, so can we ...