Monday, August 11, 2014


What would your intimate relationship be like, if you and your partner communicated better with one another?

Would you get to know more about who your partner truly is, perhaps even for the very first time?
As a result, would you  function better in life? would you become lighter? happier? less stressed? 

Of course you would!

Let's admit it, when things are tense in our intimate relationship, we are not completely ourselves, right? 

It affect us on a very deep level; we don't operate the same. 

What is the benefit of working on our communication skills?

When we come from a place of trying to make things better for the benefit of the relationship, as opposed to our own selfish gain, the whole relationship dynamic changes.  

We communicate, we talk and do our best to find a solution; Not because we want to prove the injustice of the other, or because of our own desire to be right. But, because we want to do the right thing - not necessarily what we feel like. 

Why? Because we made a decision to change so we can enjoy life more!

So instead of trying to figure out the problem, why not look for what YOU CAN do to alleviate the situation.

Do what you CAN do. 
Do what is in YOUR control to improve things.

If there is a will, you'll find some way ...

Perhaps begin by listening to understand your partner?