Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Release, let go, resolve, it is the only way to go. 

How should one end anger problems and achieve emotional cleansing?

What if you could once and for all, release the negative charge that you have on all your thoughts and emotions?

All the negative energy that has not been released yet, is damaging your health and sowing destruction in every area of ​​your life.

Is it not about time to make a change? To be free and happy? Be neutralized from anger?

After all, every time you feel anger or resentment towards someone, and you do not bother to "defuse the situation" the resentment becomes "stored" in your brain.

Then, every time you bring up this negative memory it becomes intensified - unknowingly you are perpetuating the pain you once felt.

Slowly but surely, the anger becomes embedded in your mind.

If you have not resolved the problem, it will return to haunt you, each time in a different way ...

You may believe you forgave and forgotten all about the pain, but the truth will come out in the way you treat those who have hurt you. 

If you do not let go and clear away the negativity within you, the feelings of resentment surf up again, and you end up hurting yourself by hurting the ones you love.

It becomes a perpetual cycle of nothing other than disappointment and pain.

Put an end to all the suffering in your relationships, let go of the hurt feelings.

If you find value in being happy, regardless of external factors you need to convert your anger into unconditional love for yourself.

Every moment wasted on anger is taking up precious time where you can experience love ...