Saturday, August 16, 2014

How can I use my imagination

Remember back when you were a child, when you were able to use your imagination to sail away in your mind, to a far away destination? 

Or perhaps you had an imaginary friend that no one could see but you?

You then grew up; You became a "realistic" adult, and suddenly your imagination seemed like something childish and unreal.

But what if you could once again have the ability to use your creative imagination?

Would you be wonderful in everything you do? Would  you achieve your desires more quickly?

For some reason, most of us do not give enough thought to the power of our imagination inherent in all of us ...

The truth is, our imagination is the most powerful channel to attract  light - anything you can imagine is likely to come to life.

 From there you can draw in strength so that you can go beyond the five senses.

Our creative imagination connects us to the upper dimension, beyond what our brain tells us that we can do, beyond what we perceive as reality - we need to give them shape, to align with them, otherwise how will you be able to rise above your hurt and suffering?

You may want to try and replay your creative imagination ...

You may want to pretend as if ....

If you do it regularly you may one day discover that your imagination became a reality ....